Dante Girolimon

Dante lives in the Chicago area with his wife and three (now 4) children. Despite his day job on the floor of the CBOT, Dante's heart lays in the church. After serving 9 years on his Church’s Elder Board, marriage mentoring and small group with his wife, Dante still leads the Men’s Ministries at a multi-site campus church. Dante is also a cancer survivor and was an avid marathon runner until he got old and gained Covid weight. Because of his strong relationship with his wife and his desire to see his children grow up loving Christ, Dante strives to see the men of the church become strong leaders of their households.

Dante is a father of three (now four) and is currently “in the trenches” each day as a father.

"If you are a follower, then follow with all your heart, strength, and mind. If you are a leader, turn around and see who is following you. If no one is, then get out of the way and start following. If you have people following you, then turn toward Jesus and rely on him for your leadership."

"I am a dedicated husband, father, and Christian. I have a heart for men to find their God-given talents and abilities. I want men to engage their wives and children and follow the call of Christ for holy living and to disciple others."

Dante discovered Legacydads shortly after some health scares with both he and his wife. Dante was struck at the transparency and vulnerability of the message and immediately reached out to the Legacydads team. A few months later, Dante was writing and soon speaking on behalf of Legacydads.

We believe in Sola Fide, Sola Scriptura, the Apostles Creed and teach Truth as the goal but extend Grace to those who fall short.