Kay Wyma

Kay is a mom of five, former White House aide, International Capital Markets banker (because apparently at one point, she could do math – though her kids would beg to differ), entrepreneur (her Two Neighbors cookie venture mix graced the Epicurean shelves of Neiman Marcus), Neighborhood Studies founder (intersecting women, neighbors and Bible study), blogger (themoatblog), and video-podcaster (SaySomething Show). She has authored 4 books – taking on entitlement, comparison, overwhelmed, and her latest book, The Peace Project (May 2021, Revell), considers soul health through simple outward practices. Kay, along with family and a few brave friends, started a what she called a Soul30 challenge - purposefully practicing thankfulness, kindness and mercy for thirty days. They discovered that these practices when pooled together invite pockets of peace and chance encounters with thin-places where boundaries between heaven and earth collapse on any given day. Kay lives in Dallas with her family.

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Not the Boss of Us

Too much to manage and not enough time or energy to do it? Join the club. Life is a pressure cooker and, more and more, being overwhelmed is just considered normal. But, truth be told, life's stresses and circumstances aren't the boss of us. What if we could take Overwhelmed and diffuse it--or, better yet, reframe it to good? Author, blogger, and mother of five Kay Wills Wyma has learned that if we're going to be overwhelmed by anything, let's have it be Truth with all its grace, hope, peace, and love. In this freeing book, she shares how to confront life's pressures we face--at home, online, at work, in our relationships, on our calendars--and replace all those heavy expectations with the liberating truth that we were made for something better. Through her inspiring personal stories sprinkled with a dash of humor, she gives readers permission to step back, let go, and find fulfillment and freedom in a life lived in light of eternity.

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