Natalie Tuman

Natalie is a personal coach who helps women find and own their perfectly imperfect strength both physically and mentally. Through her public speaking ventures, podcast episodes and personal coaching clients, she leads a passion driven business focused on encouraging women to take action NOW! As a recent breast cancer conqueror, she encourages women to not wait for tragedy to strike before they take action on caring for themselves.

Being a mom to 3 kids and a personal trainer, Natalie has ridden the roller coaster from ultimate health to the bottom of the barrel and back again! She knows the struggles that every day women face as well as those who are fighting to regain their identity in finding a new normal.


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Girlfriend's Guide to Fighting Facebook Group

Hey girlfriend, so glad you're here! This is YOUR place to have REAL conversations and get REAL support surrounding your Breast Cancer journey. We're all in this together...

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LifeWork:The Podcast

LifeWork: a show dedicated to the untangling of life through REAL experiences! Let’s talk about the good, the bad, the hard fought, the messy and the triumphant. Through the pillars of faith, fitness, wellness and family we discover our pursuit. Our hard work. Our heart work. Our lifework.Grab a cup of coffee, your fave water bottle or a glass of wine and let’s unravel!

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