Will you join us?

Thank goodness for the hope and excitement of a new year!

As we move past the hard places of 2020, this new world we live in has some realities that are very unique and, as parents, very challenging.

But we were created as parents for days just like these. No matter how unmotivated or unqualified you may feel right now in this moment, God is in the business of bridging the gaps on your behalf.

Join us April 23-24 for the Perfectly Imperfect Christian Parenting event as we spend two days getting REFOCUSED + REFINED + READY!

REFOCUSED on our calling as parents and committed to doing the things that will lead our kids to know and honor the Lord.

REFINED trusting that it’s through the fire we will come out stronger in our relationships as families and with Jesus.

READY to see how God’s going to grow our families and communities closer to him, believing that anything he allows he will also use for his glory and our good (Romans 8:28).

Get easily-accessible 15-20 minute parenting videos and resources that you can watch at home!

Whether you are a new parent or entering into a challenging parenting season, these leading voices will guide you through video exactly where you are!

Get practical advice you can apply today to become REFOCUSED + REFINED + READY!



Anna and Claire Avidon, founders of C | A Avidon Publishing and the #ICDHT movement. Anna and Claire are sisters building a ministry to empower women and moms. Through real-life, relatable content, their hope is to encourage others to do their hard things, may that be wrangling a toddler, starting a business, or getting dinner on the table for the umpteenth time. And more than simply doing hard things, Anna and Claire want to inspire their community to do hard things with genuine joy and eyes set steadily above. Faith, trust, a daily surrender, and the belief that he will equip them, has placed this ministry on Anna’s and Claire’s heart. But really--surrender—they have five children (between the two of them) five and under, including one set of twins. It’s a beautiful chaos they couldn’t live without.

Their dream was to go in to business together. That dream morphed into co-authoring and self-publishing a children’s book—hence, C | A Avidon Publishing. And their children’s book (“I Can Do Hard Things”), it turned into a movement empowering both children and women to believe no dream is too big. Their book is scheduled to launch in April (currently being printed). They invite you to join the ICDHT fam, grab some swag, follow them on social, and believe that you too can do hard things.

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