Sarah Blount

Sarah Blount has devoted her life to sharing the story of God’s wonderful goodness. After delivering her son Felix, stillborn, in 2012, she started her blog, 10K Reasons, and God birthed in her a passion for communicating His Word. She has helped many women who have lost babies find comfort in choosing gratitude over grief. In September 2015 Sarah and her husband, Josh, stepped out in faith, moved to a new land, and pioneered New Song Church in Oklahoma City, where they co-pastor and desire to see people come to personally know God. Sarah is also the author of “Fearless Parenting, Raising Godly Kids in an Ungodly World”. Sarah and Josh have been married for seventeen years and have three larger-than-life children—Gus, Beau, and Sunny.


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Fearless Parenting - Raising Godly Kids in an Ungodly World

It's difficult for those on the front lines of parenthood to not feel intimidated when we look at the world we are raising our kids in. The selfie-obsessed, sexually confused, entitled, morally bankrupt and far from God culture around us is causing many parents to retreat in fear. But fear is not of God, and it's time to stop fixating on the darkness and start focusing on the light. Sheltering our kids from evil is not the goal. Instead, we must focus on consistently exposing them to our Jesus and all of His goodness, so they willingly follow after Him.

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Discipleship On The Go Cards

36 scriptures (one for every week of the school year!) designed to help children meditate and memorize God’s Word, initiate meaningful conversations between parents and kids, and personalize Bible promises in a way that leaves them deeply rooted in the hearts of children forever. This is discipleship for families on the go!

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