Scott Kedersha

Scott Kedersha serves as the Marriage Pastor at Harris Creek Church in Waco, Texas. He writes about marriage, family, leadership, and ministry, and is the author of Ready or Knot? 12 Conversations Every Couple Needs to Have before Marriage. He is married to Kristen, has four boys, and can be found on his blog, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


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Ready or Knot? 12 Conversations Event Couple Needs to Have before Marriage

Your wedding day is just one day in the life of a couple. But God’s design for marriage is for it to last a lifetime. So how can you know that the person you’re with is the one you can truly build a life with–especially when so few marriages around you work?

In Ready or Knot? Scott offers practical and Christ-centered guidance for couples for all of the days after the wedding day.

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