Vivian Mabuni

Vivian Mabuni is a national speaker, author, podcast host, and bible teacher. With 31 years serving on staff with Cru, Viv is currently working on her MA in Bible Exposition at Talbot Theological Seminary. Author of "Warrior In Pink" and "Open Hands, Willing Heart," and host of the podcast "Someday Is Here," Viv loves drinking coffee with her husband of 29 years, Darrin, and marveling at their three young adult kids.


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Open Hands Willing Heart

We know that the center of God's will is the best place to be, but surrender is easier said than done. A host of hurdles, from busyness and bitterness to complacency and control, can prevent us from moving where He directs. In this challenging yet warmhearted book, Vivian Mabuni provides an authentic look at what it means to willingly risk saying yes to whatever God asks--and highlights a practical path to the deeper joy of a yielded life.

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Someday Is Here podcast

A podcast created for Asian American women on leadership and culture. I’ve wanted to carve out a space for Asian American women to explore and validate living in both Eastern and Western worlds. Each week we will celebrate our heritage and highlight our history as we explore our Asian American journeys, parts that we are proud of and those of pain.

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